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Welcome to the RISCAuthority
Fire & Flood Database : Data download & analysis tool

The Fire & Flood Database (FFDB) is a repository of important information on significant fire losses within the UK. Previously referred to as the Large Loss Database (or LLDB) this resource was renamed in 2021 to reflect an increase in its scope to incorporate significant flood related losses.

Due to the sensitive nature of the stored data, this website will only be accessible by specific representatives of RISCAuthority member companies. At launch that initially only includes members of the RISCAuthority Members Forum and the FFDB Working Group. However, each participant of the Members Forum is able to nominate additional members of staff from their company to be granted access.

The toolkit enables users to access desensitised aggregate data-sets as well as data for their own company for a defined date range. A user guide and data analysis template are also available for download.