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Who are RISCAuthority?

RISCAuthority (Risk, Insight, Strategy and Control Authority) conduct research and representation on behalf of a group of UK Insurers into risk mitigation measures from fire and security risks. The prime objectives of the scheme are:-

  • to identify issues currently affecting the UK insurance industry and invest accordingly
  • to maintain and improve current insurer fire protection practice
  • to make fire and property protection financially and technically attractive to the insured property owner
  • to act as a focal point for all stakeholders with interests in fire protection
  • to encourage commonality with Government policy where prudent

What are the origins of the Fire & Flood Database?

Following extensive discussions with Insurers, Loss Adjusters and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), a single, revised loss report form was introduced in 2009, replacing the old forms A, B & C. The form also became web-based, replacing the previously paper-based Loss Report forms that made the whole process arduous and difficult to manage.

What happened to the Large Loss Database?

The Fire & Flood Database (FFDB) was previously referred to as the Large Loss Database (or LLDB) but was renamed in 2021 to reflect an increase in its scope to incorporate significant flood related losses.

How can I access the Database?

Large loss case information is entered using the web portal located at: https://fpalargeloss.riscauthority.co.uk/

Data can be downloaded from this website: https://dataservices.riscauthority.co.uk/FFDB

Access to these sites is restricted to loss adjusting companies and RISCAuthority members respectively and is password protected. For those requiring new login details please contact info@riscauthority.co.uk

Who manages the Database?

The Fire Protection Association (FPA), administers of the RISCAuthority scheme, host and manage the database and its contents on behalf of CILA (Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters).

Why is the Loss Data so important?

The contribution of fire loss data by the loss adjusting teams is essential to the work of RISCAuthority; regular feedback on fire claims ensures we can understand the causes, spread of fire and costs with supporting statistical analysis. The data is used to produce real-time statistics available to all RISCAuthority member companies This information then allows RISCAuthority to support the UK insurance industry by providing research into emerging trends in fire loss, highlight areas for further research, support challenges of Government legislation regarding Building Regulations and the impact of proposed revisions to Fire and Rescue resources.

What loss data is captured?

Currently the criteria for completing these on-line forms are as follows:-

  • material damage for all interested parties exceeding £100,000
  • business interruption is estimated at over £100,000
  • where the combined figure from material damage and business interruption is expected to exceed £100,000
  • whenever there is a fatality, regardless of the above
  • following any sprinkler actuation regardless of the above

When acting for individual parties with losses below the £100,000 threshold, but total losses for all parties may exceed £100,000, adjusters are asked to complete the form for their known amount; the data page will match all forms concerning the same loss. Completion of the form is not required for household losses except where fatalities are involved.

How is the Loss Data protected?

We have compiled a Data Protection Statement (available here: Data_Protection_Statement_FFDBv1.pdf) which explains in detail the types of data collected in the Fire & Flood Database. It also covers how RISCAuthority will store and use that data and keep it safe.